Countdown to the New Year!

Well, friends, Christmas 2016 is a wrap!

It was a hot and humid one here in Louisiana but we didn't let that get us down too much (Plus, we just blasted the A/C and pretended it was cold 😝). 

I had so much fun creating custom quotes for you guys for the holidays! Between custom quotes projects and getting creative with my own Christmas gift wrapping, my holidays were filled with lots of creative projects (and I liked that a LOT πŸ€—).

Now, we are almost to 2017! I have already taken some time to write down my 2017 goals, and those include lots of new and special projects and products for you guys. ALSO, stay posted later this week because I'll be announcing a Countdown to 2017 sale on all custom quote projects! So get those motivational 2017 quotes ready! ;) I've already got several I'll be putting up in my office to keep me focused in 2017!

I hope your holidays exceeded your expectations. And, if they didn't, no worries...the year is almost over. And I have a feeling 2017 is going to be amazing. πŸ’•

How were your holidays? And, just for kicks, what was the weather like in your neck of the woods? Our South Louisiana Christmas was nearly 80 degrees.