Hi, my friend!

I'm Bristen, and I am obsessed with words and with all things artsy and beautiful.

I'm a Baton Rouge-based calligrapher and designer. I'm also a wife, a follower of Jesus, a coffee lover, an infj (for my fellow Meyers-Briggs nerds), and a worship leader.

Creating pieces of powerful words framed in time with organic + soulful calligraphy is what I do.  The heart + gusto that drives me to do it is my passion to see people experience + believe truths that liberate, empower, and deeply encourage. I believe in the power of words and in the power of displaying them for the eyes to see and the heart to begin to believe.

I have been doodling and drawing since I could hold a pen and was frequently told growing up by friends that I had unique hand writing. When I discovered the art of calligraphy for the first time and put my hand to a calligraphy pen and nib, it felt like second nature and was such a fluid process for me. My first love is music and calligraphy to me seems very poetic and lyrical in its process, which I love. 

Most of all, connecting with people + hearing their stories is my absolute favorite thing. It's what compels me to write and it's what inspires everything I create. That being said, let's connect! I'd be thrilled to meet you.